Monday, July 18, 2005

WeekEnds n' Begins

I am warning everyone now, this is not a very eloquintly written piece. haha! I am sitting here at approximately 7:00am and I have not had ANY caffeine. Grr....

My weekend was pretty good! Friday night I had the house to myself so I did what every single, pathetic girl does on a Friday night. I ate popcorn for dinner and watched reruns of Full House and then fell asleep on the couch. We don't have any gas in the house thanks to a small gas leak in the backyard and the ever wonderful Western Mechanical. The jerks left the back yard ripped up and the house without gas and said they'd be back in a bit to finish laying the pipe. Edwin called them about 4ish and they said they couldn't come back out until Monday. JERKS! They COULD have come, the just didn't. So Saturday before work I took one of the COLDEST showers I have taken in all my life. AND, that was with some warm water still in the hot water tank. THIS MORNING WAS 100 TIMES WORSE! Needless to say, I was not a happy camper. Despite the rough start, it wasn't a bad day at all. We were pretty steady, maybe even a little busy in spots. Nothing out of the ordinary really, just your average Saturday. After work, I went home and ate some lunch and then headed over to Shana and Katie's to swim. We got a little crispy, but not too bad! ;) There were two adorable little girls there with their mom and they literally laughed at EVERYTHING we did. We were their entertainment. One of the girls was squating by the fence and we thought she was pouting. Here mom goes, "No. She just knows she's not allowed to pee in the pool." haha!! OMG! The girl was peeing on the concrete by the fence. Oh well, at least it wasn't in the water that I kept accidentally swallowing and snorting up my nose. That would have been grooooss. After the swim, we got ready and went scrub shopping with the rest of the staff and our bosses. We all got a new set of bright, clean scrubs! How exciting! We then made our way to Subway so we could "Eat Fresh" and then went back to the clinic for a quick 'foot spa' party with our resident Arbonne guru. He's one of our clients and literally wouldn't leave us alone until we agreed to schedule a party with him. Blech. It wasn't nearly as bad as we all expected, but we still weren't all that thrilled to be there. I dropped off my carpool crowd and headed home to start some laundry. Not too long after that I went back to the girls for another quick swim. This time we had the pool completely to ourselves and we took a radio so we had a really good time. Sunday, I slept in! yay! I got up about 9:30 and Edwin, Caitlin and I went to Panera for some breakfast. At lunch time Edwin's parents came and we went to Joseppi's for some scrumtrulescent food! mmm....tortellini! I got home and took a nice nap. You know, full belly=sleepy head. ;) I got up, got ready and went swimming again! I'm addicted! We met a few people at the pool who are neighbors of the girls. One of them was challenging Shana to keep diving in the pool. "DO THE FLYING SQUIRREL!" It was hilarious! Up until the ass told me I was OLD! That's right...OLD. He just turned 21, I'm 23. Does anyone else see something wrong with this? After I left, I went home to color Caitlin's hair. I told her the guy called me old and came out of my room with a cane and hobbled into the living room. She dies laughing and of course, took a picture. We'll have to see if she posts that one on her blog! haha! Shana called me shortly after to tell me that their cat was in labor and having kittens. Jerk face who called me old was sitting over there with them. Punk. All in all, it was a very relaxing weekend. Aside from the cold showers, being called old and the fish that is rotting away in our fish tank, it was good. (My boss was going to have to come euthanize him for us, isn't that sad?!) Also, this morning, when I got to work there was a note on my desk that I was to send Kit-Kat to a new home today that I DO NOT approve of. They're very nice people, but definately not the home I would have chosen for this sweet loving cat who belonged to an old lady for 7 years. I would not have chosen this home with 3 other cats and 3 young children. I just wouldn't. But do I have any say in that? Apparently not. I guess my opinion doesn't matter. All that matters is that she is out of the office so the boss doesn't have to pay to have her cared for by our staff anymore. It just plain makes me sick. I cried. I know, I'm a dork. Well, that is all. I need to go clock in. Hope everyone has a splendid day!

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