Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Fortune Telling

I ordered Chinese food for dinner tonight and received the inevitable fortune cookie. Most of the time I get cheesy ones like, "Your dreams will be fullfilled." or better yet, "He who farts in church sits in own pew." But today, I was surprised to find this..."You will make many changes before settling down happily." Katie, was I not just talking about this?? Did we, or did we not, just discuss this? Amazing what a stale little cookie can do for your outlook? Am I right? ;)


Katherine said...

Liz, that is crazy! See? See? It's true. Believe the fortune cookie... haha. That's pretty nifty.

travis said...

"me chineese me play joke me put....."

ah how wise the ancient chineese philosophers were.

travis said...

Dang the jig is up! yeah you were our featured blog for the month....man I had like this big secret code i was gonna add after ten people signed and everything it was gonna rock. Real Da vinci code stuff. Oh well :) Actually it was just a silly attempt to see if you listened to the show or not..what tipped you off?

prasad said...

Hey Fortune Cookie sometimes works!!!!!!!!!
Yeash happend to me once but failed many times so there is a Probabailty of 1 out of 100..