Tuesday, September 27, 2005

No Title Fits...?

Thank you to those lovely ladies who commented on the last post. The reason I wrote that is because I too, don’t believe it at all. I was watching a movie the other night (imagine that). One character, in trying to describe why he loved this woman, said that he prayed for her more than himself. I was curious how other people felt about that or if I was just on the wrong page. Good answers!!

Speaking of prayer, Matt and I are going to church tonight. Apparently the church we attended on Sunday has a college group so we’re going to check it out. I’m a little nervous. Those of you who know me, know that I am uncomfortable with being in large groups of people I don’t know. Haha!! I’m such a nerd. Once I’m there, I’m completely fine and enjoy myself, but getting me to go is like pulling teeth. (Jacey knows this first hand because I will NEVER go to the bar with her.) Haha! I don’t mind crowds, I don’t mind meeting new people. What I do mind, is being expected to interact with a large group. I hate speaking in public more than anything, so I guess what I fear is that they’ll call out the new kid and make me tell everyone “a little something about myself”. If there was a guarantee that wouldn’t happen, I’d be totally cool. Okay, not cool. I’ve never been what one would call “cool”. Haha!! Know what else I think is funny? The group meets at 9:37. Yup. Not 9:30, not 9:45. 9:37. Why? I am so confused? Is there some religious significance to that time that I am not aware of? Or is it just cool to be off a minute or two? Seriously, Matt and I sat in church on Sunday, looking at the bulletin and snickering to ourselves about the misprint and how funny it would be if we really had to meet at that time. Then, the associate pastor got up there and was like, “You all meet us here at 9:37.” We looked at each other like, uuuummm..??? VEERY Interesting.

It has been a very stressfull day, but if I have learned anything from the internet, I will not talk about work on my blog. Bad things come to those who blog about work. ;) Instead, I went home and got Cait. We went shopping for a wee bit to find a wedding card for her relative and a birthday present for one of my co-workers. We ate pizza and then went to work out too. haha!! Make's SO much sense, does it not? I then did MORE homework and watched the end of The Incredibles with Matt. Now, I am trying to figure out why my fan is running, but not blowing any air...hmm...

The cats are bouncing off the walls, I can’t figure out my math homework, and I’m exhausted SO I am off to bed. G’nite cats, see ya’ll on the flip side.

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