Sunday, September 11, 2005

Q n' A

In the last 24 hours have you:
1. Had sex: no
2. Bought something: yes
3. Gotten sick: had a headache
4. Sang: yes
5. Been kissed: by a kitten
6. Ate something: yes
7. Felt stupid: constantly
8. Talked to an ex: nope
9. Missed someone: of course

Last person who....
1. Slept in your bed: ummm me....
2. Made you cry: myself
3. Went to the movies with: Kristen Shay
4. You went to the mall with: Kristen Shay

Have you ever...
1. Said "I Love You" and meant it: yes
2. Got in a fight with your pet: hahaha ummm no
3. Been to California: no
4. Been to Mexico: nope
5. Been to China: no
6. Been to Canada: nope
7. Been to Europe: nope
8. Wished you were the opposite sex: only cause guys have certain times of the month a whole hell of a lot easier
2. What book are you reading now: a textbook
3. Worst feeling in the world: feeling fat, being alone
4. Future KIDS names: too many to name here
5. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: nope
6.Favorite sports to watch: football
7. Location: Stillwater
8. Piercing/Tattoos: tattoo on my back and one on my let heal and ears are piered, 3 in left ear, 2 in right
9. Hot weather or cold?: mild. i'm a fall and spring kinda girl
10. Do you drink: on occasion
11. What are you most scared of right now: being alone
12. Where do you want to get married: Disney WORLD!! haha! But a groom would be a good beginning point.
13. What do you really hate: clowns and birds just piss me off, AMEN CAIT!
14. Do you have a job: yes, i am the office manager at the cat clinic
15. Do you like being around people: most of the time, kinda depends on the people
16. Have you ever liked someone you had no chance with: who hasn't? AMEN ONCE AGAIN!
17. Have you ever cried: uh..yes? what the crap? who hasn't?
18. Are you lonely right now: sorta...not physically because I have two kittens BOUNCING OFF THE WALLS
19. Song that's stuck in your head a lot: Someday, when I'm awfully low, and the world is cold...I will feel a glow, just thinking of you...and the Way You Look Tonight....
20. Been in love: guess not
21. Played strip poker: no
22. got lost: hahahha yeah, EAST ST. LOUIS
23. Done an all-nighter: yes
24. taken a quiz for no apparent reason: just now!

We'll never forget~ 9-11-01

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