Thursday, September 29, 2005


What an interesting week this has turned out to be. The issues at work appear to be resolved which is very comforting. School has been stressing me out as of late, but my newest weight lifted is that the test I had in my head was on Monday, is in fact on FRIDAY. Can we say, “Whew!”

Wednesday night, Matt and I went to church for the college group. As I wrote before, I was nervous. Matt made fun of me the ENTIRE way to the church...Punk. It ended up being a great time! The college group is called Intoxicated. There was live music and everyone was in good spirits...singing, clapping, was great. It wasn’t so much a sermon as it was a workshop for the hopelessly single. Haha!! Okay, so I’m KIDDING. It was a workshop that helped to expose the reasons we sabotage relationships and how to make marriages stronger and help us single folk find lasting relationships. It was very, very interesting and a few times, I was like, “Holy crap. He’s talking about me.” I have a feeling Matt felt the same way at a couple points. It was nice that we got to go together and experience that. I think in a way we both feel that something has been missing in our lives and it was nice to have a friend there when we finally figured it out. I am really excited that the family has decided to start going to church together and that we have found one we are all comfortable in. I love being with my housemates, and sharing something like religion is a bonding experience that can’t be faked. After church, we headed to Wal-Mart to pick up a few necessities, and some ‘not-so-necessities’, huh Matt? ;) haha!! We ended up running to get food before we headed home. We sat there watching Twister and munchin’ on some late-night Arby’s until about midnight. We both had to be up early the next morning for work. I really enjoy the Wednesday night church thing, but if we’re going to keep doing this, it’s going to be STRAIGHT home to bed. None of this post church Wal-Mart excursion crap anymore...I was exhausted!

I got home from work today and Caitlin wasn’t feeling so well. We thought a little fresh air might do her some good so she, Edwin and I took a walk around Boomer Lake. It was so pretty outside!! I am thrilled that Fall is upon us. We got home, made some dinner and it was back to the books. I worked on some math homework that is royally kicking my butt. I then studied for an exam that I was convinced was tomorrow and came to realize that it isn’t until Friday! YAY! I stopped studying because I was going to go to bed, then I sat around, kidding with the roomies, thinking, "I am SO lucky." And yes Matt, I still consider myself lucky even though there is a good chance I soiled myself after the little stunt you pulled. I think I may have broken my computer desk. Like I said before, Punk. The cats were driving me utterly insane so they were put to bed early. I then laid in bed for awhile and actually read some of my bible. That’s you never thought you’d hear me say that huh? I’ve decided its time for me to grow and mature in something more than just my age. We’ll see how long this maturity lasts... Now, I’m off to bed for real this time. G’nite all. Sweet dreams.

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