Thursday, September 15, 2005


Alrighty fans...I need your assistance.

I have to interview a fellow student tomorrow night and I need questions!!! I've come up with a few on my own, but really, what in the WORLD are we going to talk about for THREE HOURS!? So I ask you, please dig deep, pick your brain, pick your friends brains...leave me questions!!

Love to all, and to all a goodnight. ;)


Edwin said...

Three Hours?!? That's craziness. You could talk about politics probably. See if he gets riled up. Talk to him about his hobbies, his styles (music, movies, etc) and that's about it. There would be no way I could just like ask questions for three hours to a random person in one of my classes. GOOOOOD LUCK and Godspeed, my friend.

The Incurable Insomnaic said...

1) Have you ever picked your nose while driving?

2) Do you have a pet Hermit Crab?

3) When was the last time you ate parsnips?

Just some ideas...

Cait Marie said...

You don't gotsta stay there for 3 hours, just ask like 20 questions or whatever and come home to see me!!!