Thursday, September 22, 2005


It has taken me awhile to post about the weekend because I'm stressed out and, for the most part, lazy. haha! This has been a long week already. Saturday, when I got off work I loaded up the car and drove to El Reno where I met up with Brent, Kristen, Kim and Reagan. We did a little shopping and hung out as usual. Sunday morning we went to the park and I took some pictures of Reagan playing on the playground. Mostly, I think Kristen and Brent played. Reagan more sat there like, "My turn!!" We then headed to OKC for the State Fair of Oklahoma! It was unbelievably HOT. I can't remember a time when I was that hot...good Lord. We practically melted, people. Brent, Kristen and I rode the BIG SLIDE!! YEAH! I'm such a nerd...but it was a BLAST! Edwin and Caitlin (two of my roomies) met us out there and we hung out for a couple hours. The heat was causing supreme meltage so we all decided it was time to go. Ed n' Cait headed out first and we were soon to follow suit. We went to dinner and then I made way back to Stillwater. All in all, it was a great weekend and I have the photos to prove it!!

Now, I am stressing mucho grande over a speech/paper I have due tomorrow and a math test. Eek!! I'm also sick. Most of the day, I sounded "wike dis. My nobe wab all snuffy and I couldn't bweave." I still feel like poo. Complete poo. Basically, I feel like I have been repeatedly run over by a Mac Truck. Won't subbudy come take care ub be? Pwease? Schicken noodow soup? Owange Juice? Pwease? Nyquil?

I just spent 20 minutes of my life in Blockbuster becasue I'm a FLAMING RETARD. I turned in a movie and WOOPS! found the I took it back, thinking that I had more than likely returned one of my own prized collection in the case. Turns out it was just the second disc, nothing of mine. Whew...I woulda been TICKED.

Fuji and Kodak (the kittens) are bouncin' off the walls and threatening to take the house down with one swoop of their wittle paws. So...there they rest, in time out. Cause Mom said. So there. The dogs are in the back yard barking like nobody's business and I must say that Oakley's shreik is making my head pound like a thousand miniscule jack hammers. Good analogy? I think so.

Seen immediately after this post are photos from our recent company picnic. We are sweaty!! Once again, I was melting. Is it possible that I am still HUGE?! I should have sweated off about 1/2 my body weight these past few weeks. Oh well...

Hope all are finding this day cheerful!! Later!


kristen and reagan said...

aaaww...wiz feel better!!!

kristen and reagan said...

aaaww...wiz feel better!!!

kristen said...

oooopppsss...looks like i hit the "publish" button 1 too many times :)