Friday, October 21, 2005


My speech presentation went pretty good this evening, but I did go a wee bit too fast. 35 seconds too fast to be exact. :( That's okay though. On the feedback from my classmates I got a lot of really good compliments (mostly on the photographs!). My group mates sat and chatted a while about what we were going to do our big presentation on and I think we have decided on Sex Education in Public Schools. We're going to be called "Just the Sex of Us" haha!! I think it will be fun actually, thank goodness. I got my grade back on my History exam...C! That's good!! And the D I got on my Macro exam, yeah, it got curved to a C! YAY! So basically, I'm average. So what else is new, right? ha!

I am now sitting here waiting on Cait to get home and the boys to get back from Blockbuster. I think we're gonna watch Oh Brother, Where Art Thou....hmm...never seen it, but the roomies tell me it is a sidesplitting must see. I think popcorn sounds good. Doesn't it? Mmm...buttery goodness. I have nothing else to say. I'm a boring case tonight kids, sorry.

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Sue Ann said...

I love that movie...i hope you like it...i laughed so hard....=)