Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Reasons # 351-353 as to why I'm single

351- Last night I willingly wore orange and black striped tights under my sweatpants to Matt's flag football game. HOT!

352- I was involved in a conversation at said football game where I used the phrase, "Cool beans." *Mad props to the connoisseur of cool beans, Ms. Katie Gordon.

353- I have already purchased Christmas cards (it's October, folks) and have prepared a Christmas card list. Here's where the 'reason I'm single' part comes into play...Over the manger, the baby Jesus, and even Santa Claus...I chose SNOOPY and the GRINCH to grace the front of my merriest of wishes. I am too cool for words.

On a side note, I overheard a conversation at the football field, whereas a young gentlman, no older than myself, told his friend that he had 'dislocated his teeth'. Um...is that possible? Think about that for a moment. They don't have joints, so how exactly to do you DISLOCATE them? Maybe its the new 'cool beans' way of saying you LOST them. Like, "Man, Matt, I totally dislocated my keys. You seen em'?" or "Cait, I dislocated my car!! Where in God's name did we park?" Ponder, friends, and get back to me on that one. Now, I'm going to attempt to sleep off the cold, the football and the caffeine!! Night folks.

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DrewQ said...

You are so funny! I still say cool beans...every so often.....okay...yeah i dont....i was just trying to make you feel better....but the dislocated my teeth thing! HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!! I totally dislocated my keys the other day! you make me smile! i love ya!!!! have a great day.