Monday, October 03, 2005

Side Splitting

Okay, so the funny story I promised the other goes...

So Caitlin and I were heading to my mom's house to pick up some stuff. We're driving west on Sixth Street and had just passed the elementary school zone. We see a tiny, I'm talking TINY, white convertable on our left. Now let me first let everyone know that the sky is an eery shade of gray and the news has been reporting a chance of rain ALL DAY. The clouds are ominous, people, and we're almost to the point of needing headlights. We look over at the miniscule car beside us and see that the top is down and the driver, a BRILLIANT looking speciman, is wearing the worlds biggest sunglasses. I HATE this fad, but I will attempt to not let that come through here. I can't even begin to describe grammatically the spaced out expression on odd posture of this lass, but take my word for it, she was worth the chuckle. So she proceeds to cut me off in traffic (no signal) and my first instinct is to honk at her. I refrained as my horn is probably about two feet from her ear. I'm tellin' ya, this car was SMALL!! It then, surprise, surprise, begins to rain. We're now sitting at a stop light at Sixth and Western. She opens her door...gets OUT of the car...and attempts to put the top up. I swear her head had to have been touching the roof now. She tries to get the top to such luck. I am dying laughing at this point as you can probably imagine. Cait is literally crying. I realize that my windows or down and the poor girl can hear me laughing so hard I'm coughin/choking. She flung the top down with incredible force and then kept looking in her rear view mirror to see if I was still laughing. I was. I can assure you, I was. As the light turned green, she sped forth with such umph, I was afraid she might blow out of the car. We tried to stay up with her cause we wanted to see her get drenched and I wanted to laugh some more. It felt so good. But, apparently she is made of pure sugar and the thought of getting the enterior wet was too much for her little brain to handle. She sped off and was through the intersection and halfway down Country Club before we could even get to the light. Amazing. Leaving my mom's house it started to pour and we giggled to ourselves wondering if she made it home and if she's going to have to call Daddy and let him know she ruined her interior.

Being pretty is not only hard work, apparently its really, REALLY expensive.

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caitmarie said...

Ok so you totally failed to mention that she BROKE the top and had to drive the rest of the wherever she was going....with the top down!!! THAT my friend was the hysterical part!