Saturday, October 01, 2005

So much funny, So little time

I have a downright hilarious story to tell you all that involves a convertable and a blond, but I just don't feel quite like telling it at the moment. Coughing my head off. Blech.

I think I am going to church alone tomorrow. Edwin and Caitlin are out of town and Matt has to work. I'm not too keen on going alone, but I really want to go. I think I am going to the early service too...want to get my day started. We'll see how early I get up tho. ha! Just took cough meds that will probably knock me on my butt.

Random thoughts: Drew, I'm glad you liked the postcard!! Cait and I knew you'd get a kick out of it. Kristen, tell Brent I made "5 second chocolate milk" tonight and it made me smile. I'm watching...scratch that...turning off the worst movie I think I have ever seen...Closer. NOT what I expected at all. Fuji and Kodak were extra sweet today. Thank you Katie for coming over and playing with them. Getting sooooo sleepy. G'night all.


kristen said...

that movie sucked!! it took me and brent 3 nights to watch it all

EKWisdom said...

I definately wouldn't have given it three days. I gave it 30 minutes before I was like, "DON'T THINK SO!" haha!