Sunday, October 30, 2005


Nothing new to report, just hate going days without giving you all somethin' to wet your palate! haha!

Church was great today. It was all about parenthood and made my ovaries twinge just a little. Can't wait to have babies. :)

Other than that, I have been lazy today!! Well, if you count FINALLY cleaning my room, doing laundry and doing a little homework. Now I am off to dinner with Katherine and we're gonna go catch Matt's flag football game tonight. WOOHOO! Lots o' cute boys out there. ;)

That is all I have today guys, sorry. Maybe something revolutionary will happen tonight and I can share that with you. Until then, happy Sunday! :)


DrewQ said...

i miss you!

EKWisdom said...

I miss you too!! I just tried to call you but your cell phone gave me a busy signal. A BUSY SIGNAL! Is that possible?