Thursday, October 13, 2005

Lighter Notes

Today has been a much lighter day, aside from one stint of sadness. It passed as quick as it had come and things are much better. I took CaitMarie out to lunch and we had some laughs. That was definately needed in the middle of the day.

Today, I was sitting at work and I got three compliments from one lady. THREE. She told me I have a beautiful speaking voice on the phone, I have gorgeous hair and flawless skin. Um? When would you like to move in? Would you like to adopt me now or after you inform your biological children? Then, this evening I was blog surfing PRIOR TO HOMEWORK and saw the CUTEST story. Two little kids were in their school library when, overheard by their librarian, had the following conversation...
"What is the title of the Mother Goose book?"
"Mother Goose."
"Yeah, what's the title?"
"That IS the title."
"No. The REAL title."

Tell me that isn't cute! Can't you just remember back in the day when those were the discussions we had? Those were the quandry's, the concerns? Oh, to be little again. Well, I'm off. I have an 'interview' this afternoon for a class project. YAY! haha! Have a good evenin' all.

Love, Lizzi

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