Monday, October 10, 2005


I have never felt more like a failure than I do right now. I feel as if I have studied my ass off for the past week and...nothing. I got a D on my Macro midterm and I don't feel anything but disappointment about my History exam. I don't have a grade on that one, but I can assure it you, it is dismal. I know, I know...stop feeling sorry for yourself, Liz. But really, am I cut out for college?! Maybe I should quit and take photography classes instead. But what would I do without a degree? Honestly, I think now is not the time to make decisions about my future. I'm too drunk on chocolate milk. Yes, Kristen, I told you I was going to find some alcohol and drown my sorrows, but I changed my mind. I felt chocolate milk would sooth my bruised self-esteem a smidge better seeing as I have to get up and start another day very, very early. Oh well. I can't even get drunk right. ;) G'nite all.


DrewQ said...

oh i am sorry! i told you that macro was not needed in real life. so don't worry about it. just remember it is one little test and there will be plenty more...unless this is one of those classes where you only take two at midterm and then one at final....then you are screwed....but i am sure that you will be fine. trust me! i got through college....and i did just fine. sure i had to sleep with a few people and had to "eliminate" a couple of people....but i did just fine. oh and i was pretty and who is going fail a pretty kid? NO ONE! so really, once again liz you are so pretty! i love you!!!!!! and chocolate milk? have i taught you nothing????? margaritas are the way to go! keep your head up....things will get better! love ya!

DrewQ said...

p.s. i love the pic!