Monday, October 03, 2005


This is a game I found on a friends blog...woohoo!! I'm all about blogsurfing this afternoon. Count back 15 posts and find the last sentence. Now, count back 30 posts and do the same. In the comments section, write your two sentences. We're going to see who has the weirdest one. I'll go first...

But for now, I will gush over Reagan, kiss her little fingers and pray each day that she turns out just like her mommy. (From BabyLove) One day, I will have a story like this to tell of my own, but until then, I shall dream. (From Love Story)

I'm sensing a theme with mine... haha!!

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incredimom said...

Ok, here's mine. doesn't make sense hee hee:)

One pair only, but they're great, and who the hell can bark at free panties, right? He's alive, so that's what matters. Still Sad.