Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Temporal Snapshots

Tonight, I had this indescribable need to be outside. I wanted to walk around the lake so bad! I asked my roommates to go but they all had things they needed to do, so I called Sue Ann. She's always willing to walk with me!! It was going to be a while before she was ready, so I took the opporunity to sit on the porch with my laptop and write a letter to my grandparents. It was a perfect 77 degrees which made me happy all by itself. There was a slight breeze and you could hear the secadas chirping. I am definately a spring and fall kind of girl; this was absolute Heaven. It was dark and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. The moon was just a hair away from full and the stars were huge! I was surprised they were as bright as they were, even in town. Sue Ann arrived and we drove to Boomer Lake. Upon pulling into the drive, I looked at the water and said, "SUE ANN! Why didn't I bring my camera? Look at that!" The moon looked enormous over the water and there was a solitary star directly below it, hanging like a jewel. The light shown on the water like candle light on satin. It looked so still and so solid, that we could have walked across it with great ease. She laughed at me, and was like, "Liz. You have a great eye. I see it now." We strolled around the lake and I continued to kick myself for not having a camera with me. Then it hit me. I'm not always going to have a camera. The point of life is not to save everything in a tangible way; the point is to relish in the moment and be thankful that it happened. How many people were home watching television, at work or even asleep, that were never going to get to see this moment. I was so thankful that I had the eye to see, and the mindset to know, how valuable that moment was. I know it sounds cheesy, but people, I'm cheesy. You love me that way, right?


Katherine said...

I love you that way! hehe

Sue Ann said...

That really was a very pretty night!!